100-day agenda of the Modi Government

Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi

In the second cabinet meeting, Narendra Modi gave priority to 10 works. They should give priority to good governance, delivering faster service to people and implementation of the plans that are based on time.

BJP led NDA alliance state’s newly elected Prime Minister Narendra Modi to set his next 100 days working agenda in his second cabinet meeting on 29th May. The program aims to create a roadmap to work in full swing, he said, the main theme will efficient administration, quick delivery of implementation to the people, etc. He thinks development of states is one of the most important parts of overall progress of the country. The issues brought before the government by the State government and MPs will be considered with priority. After the meeting, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaya Naidu told reporters about that.

The main goal of the Modi government’s 100 -day agenda: proper coordination between various ministries, to restore confidence of civil servants, to bring transparency in administration, prioritize the infrastructure construction of education, health, water, energy and roads, to welcome new innovative thinking, the development policy will be done based on time and technology, and social media will be utilized more to build a relationship with people. Above all to deliver the benefits of development to the common man quickly. They will complete the works that are remaining incomplete for the disabled former Congress coalition government. E- Auction will be forced for the tenders of government works. The complaint is the main reason of two- G scam was not doing bid or auction.

Modi’s primary election was development and growth. He criticized Congress government for inflation, lameness policy, corruption and lack of growth. In BJP’s mandate, it was promised to bring the economy rate up and increase the employment opportunities. Secretary of the Prime Minister’s office Napendra Mishra, who has chosen by Modi, he insisted on bringing the faith on bureaucracy. Because the always had a hesitation on making decision for that power-generation project not developed, highway making target didn’t meet the goal despite having huge investment. Though India has huge natural mineral resources, its export is in the bottom. And India has to import coal from abroad. Because the top-level bureaucrats lost the courage of taking risk on decision-making. Political’s controversial decisions drag them to the court. The Prime Minister is trying to reverse the trend.