Again, Qatar Gives Hope for the World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

World Cup 2022

FIFA is worried for the preparation of the World Cup 2022. If any assurance does not come from the host, it is Football World Cup after all! However, Qatar again said that they are ready to hold the World Cup in any time of the year.

The anxiety has begun from the very first declaration of Qatar as the host country of World Cup. Soccer experts are tensed that how the World Cup will ever be possible to hold in the intense heat of a Middle Eastern Country like Qatar. FIFA has also started to think over this issue. However, from the beginning, host Qatar has been saying that the stadium would be air conditioned, so there is nothing to worry. But it will not be fruitful to arrange the air-conditioning system only for the stadium. Numerous football lovers will be in Qatar to see the biggest preparation at that time. So it is necessary to arrange something for their hot survival in the road, fan zone and supermarkets. On Friday, Qatar World Cup host agency official, Nasser-Al-Khatar said that they will arrange for air conditioner in those areas also. He also said that whenever whether it is winter or summer they will arrange an undisturbed and safe World Cup.

Football World Cup generally sits in the time of June-July. At that time, there is intense hot in Qatar. So after considering these situations, for the first time, FIFA is thinking of arranging the World Cup during winter in Qatar. They are also discussing it with the host country. Nasser-Al-Khatar said that they were working to make preparation for the World Cup in any season. “One stadium is being constructed, and further in following years five more stadiums will be constructed.” He said in response of some criticisms.

In Qatar, foreign construction workers have to work with the risk of death at intense heat. This news was published in international news media, and this was assured as real by Nasser-Al-Khatar. Rather he gave thanks to the government’s attention and praising the media for publishing this news, he said that no stone would be untouched for improving the situation. According to him, all those countries that want to host the World Cup should be beside of them because they have taken the challenge of working against their natural hostility to host the World Cup successfully. He thinks, “If Qatar achieves the success, the other interested countries will also get the chance to host, and they will learn from Qatar how to win from all adversities.