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Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj demanded to declare ‘Gita’ as their national book



Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj urged to declare ‘Gita’ as India’s national book. Sushma Swaraj said this in a ceremony of celebrating the 5151 year anniversary of Vagbat Gita. Leader of World Hindu Council Ashok Senegal also demanded to make Gita as their national book.

Sushma said; he didn’t come here as a Minister, he just came in the ceremony as a follower of Gita.

Sushma also added that, practically Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Gita as the national book when he gifted this to the US president Barak Obama during the US visit. Continue reading

The teasers in the running bus of Rotate are in the court

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of two sisters beating a group of young teasers in the running bus of India’s Haryana state rocked the country; those two sisters said that they took this final step because they left no option without this. And they said will not respond if anyone try to compromise the matter through Village Panchayat.

Haryana police have already arrested those teasers and sent them to court on Monday, and it is said in the military source that they will not get a chance to enter the military.

Video of beating with a belt

It is the scene of a transport bus of Haryana. Two girls are beating a group of teasers with their belt of trouser whose name were Puja and Arti. Continue reading

Two girls beat a teaser in the running Bus

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of the fight between two girls and a boy in a running bus in Haryana state of India was fished out in the news media and social networks.

Those two girls are sisters; they complained the boy assaulted them physically. He beat them when they protest that.

It is seen in the video taken by a passenger of the bus on his mobile phone that the fight is running between those two girls and a boy. One sister took off her trouser belt hit the boy with that. Continue reading

‘Sai Baba did worship of Allah’: Shankaracharya

Sai Baba

Sai Baba

There are millions of devotees of Sai Baba in India; one of major religious gurus Shankaracharya Swarupananda Saraswati made a huge controversy saying they should not place Sai Baba in their temples.

Shankaracharya said in interviews on various TV channels; Shirdi’s Sai Baba was a worshiper of Allah, and he used to eat goat meat, so Hindus cannot do worship of him.

Devotees of Sai Baba are out on a demonstration across the country against this comment. There is a hearing on Friday at Allahabad High Court on the question why FIR will not do against Shanracharya. Continue reading

India takes up colors of Holi



A minimum of 11 teens drowned throughout Holi revelry in Nizamabad district and also at Kukatpally area in Hyderabad on Wednesday, police stated. Several 15 boys visited the village tank to bath after Holi festivities in Basant Cheruvu (village tank) in Sirikonda village of Nizamabad district late this mid-day, then seven of these started drowning, a senior officer at Armoor told PTI.

People accepted one another wanting ‘Happy Holi’ as unseen hands squirted all of them with a properly-timed coloured water spray. Water-filled balloons were lobbed from roofs and balconies as cries of ‘Holi hai’ reverberated the roads.

However, tragedy struck when six teens drowned in Andhra’s Nizamabad district and also at Kukatpally section of Hyderabad once they visited bath after Holi festivities. Continue reading