Modi Has Knowingly Saved Riotous in Gujarat: Minister


Narendra Modi

India’s Petroleum and Natural-Gas minister Dr. Bhirappa Maulirejected the chance of violent Hindu BJP leader Narendra Modi being next prime minister and said that this shrill leader (Narendra Modi) knowingly or intentionally gave protection to riot (Anti-Muslim) of Gujarat in 2002.

In that riot more than a thousand Muslims were assassinated by the fanatic Hindus.

Condemning Modi for that riot Mauli said that Modi believed in the variance or the erosion of the country, and he destroyed the structure of society in Gujarat as the chief minister for three times.

Mauli also said during an interview with news agency Reuters, ‘Modi can be the cause of discord or breakdown if he becomes Prime Minister of India’. He also referred him as ‘tarnished personality‘.

India’s Petroleum and Natural-Gas minister Dr. Bhirappa Mauli said that people would not vote Modi because they would not take the risk of his differentiation policy.

The Minister further said, ‘when Modi was the chief minister, more than two thousand (Muslim) people have been killed on the streets, and he always wanted to protect those riotous. He did not punish them.’