Most of the people of Pakistan’s dislike Taliban: Survey



66 percent people of Pakistan afraid of extremism and dislikes Taliban. Besides, they think religious extremism is the biggest threat to the country.

This information came from a new survey of American research institute Pew Research Centre. They survey showed that, due to the civil war, violence and suicide bombings in South, Asia, Middle East and Africa region panic rose among the Muslim people.

24 percent people of Pakistan do not think religious extremism as a threat to their country but in the context of Taliban, this person advised to stay away from them. Almost 60 percent of Pakistani people are against Taliban; Only 8 percent of people spoke on behalf of Taliban. However, nearly one in every three refused to comment about the violent behavior and suicide bomb attack of Taliban.

The people of Lebanon, Tunisia, Jordan and Turkey, are scared for the rising extremism in the Middle East. They said the situation was not like this even one year ago.