Sherlyn Chopra’s pornographic images help her trend on Twitter

Sherlyn Chopra

Sherlyn Chopra

The brand new poster girl on Twitter Sherlyn Chopra does the entire Monty without announcing like another aspirant actress and fellow model Poonam Pandey.

Sherlyn Chopra appears going to beat competition Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone and she or he stop at nothing. On late Saturday, Chopra, the very first Indian to become featured around the cover of Playboy magazine, tweeted a number of pornographic images which she stated she wished is needed her trend worldwide on Twitter.

She gave fair warning to anybody apt to be upset through the images (of the lady self pleasuring having a cucumber) to “unfollow her immediately”. In Rhianna style, she introduced that will call her fans her ‘lovers’. Untill 10 AM on Sunday morning; Twitter hadn’t removed the risqué photographs. It couldn’t be verified if the photographs, that demonstrate a ladies nude lower 1 / 2 of body, were of Chopra.

Hash-marking her tweets with #TheSherlynChopraLeague, Chopra asked her fans towards the orgy of her “private function” with suggestive tweets nevertheless “I love it by consuming it.”

A next day of she published a ‘confession’ of getting rested with individuals for the money, Chopra made not a secret of her intention behind tweeting the graphic images.

“Name: Sherlyn Chopra….Open Agenda: To trend heavily today in India and/or Worldwide….Modus Operandi: Usage of a dirty image,” she stated.

“Dear all, had there been a hidden agenda behind my confession yesterday to trend heavily in India and/or world wide, I’d have most definitely posted a ‘never seen before’ dirty picture alongside my confession. The intent was very simple – to make it loud and clear that going forward I would make conscious decisions to lead a life filled with an abundance of faith and belief in the infinite powers which exist within our core.”

She defended her decision saying: “Porn is not evil….all evil comes from humankind’s darkened understanding, from ignorance, from false interpretation of life. Take it easy….it’s just porn. If u doesn’t like it, kindly unfollow……immediately.”

Since she introduced on Twitter that they will feature nude around the cover of Playboy magazine, the actor of mainly B-grade films, hasn’t stopped creating ripples on social networking websites, whether it is with raunchy pictures, teaser games of her photo shoot, or out of the box within this situation – outstanding confession of getting recognized money for sex.

A number of ‘confessional’ tweets in the unverified account of Chopra, who allegedly tweets in the handle @SherlynChopra, shocked customers on Friday. Chopra stated in individuals tweets she’s had compensated sex in her own existence, but she’s past that phase now. Within the contrite posts – intended for her fans – a rather defensive Chopra stated it had been as much as people how they desired to see her after reading through her tweets.

“The confessions of ‘just a girl’ – Dear all, before I proceed, let me make it very clear that the intent of sharing the following confessions. It is not to create public sympathy or to raise eyebrows or to project myself as a ‘bad girl gone good’, it’s just to state a few facts. Physical intimacy with me at a price…. I’ve had sex for money, having indulged in out of free will…. but ever since I got back from LA in July this year, there has been a shift in my level of consciousness,” Chopra stated.

You will find already 100s of responses towards the sudden stunt many of which have welcome her decision to publish such pictures.