Surveillance on Muslims in America: 3 of 5 people is Pakistani

Surveillance on Muslims in America

Surveillance on Muslims in America

America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI and National-Security Agency did surveillance on five Muslims of the country and those three are Pakistani descent U.S. citizens.

Of them, Asim Ghafoor and Faisal Gill is lawyer, and the third is Aga Saed, he is the head of a Muslim research institute.

U.S. media said on last Wednesday – intelligence agencies monitored the activities of five Muslims living in America.

An online named The Intercept informs that; they marked these five Muslims based on the information leaked by Edward Snowden.

Faisal Gill is lawyer in America’s Homeland Security Affairs. He had worked with the Bush administration and participated on the election on behalf of Republican Party from Virginia.

Asim Ghafoor is defense-related lawyer who handles cases relating to terrorism. Besides, Aga Saed is the chief of American Muslim Alliance. He is very active in the Israel – Palestine issue.