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New Debate over Foreign Investment revoked in Retail Business

Retail Business Delhi

Retail Business Delhi

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwala is under debate for taking the decision to revoke the foreign investment for the retail business. Most economists are thinking it as a wrong decision. This will increase unemployment and food price hike. And they will affect the interests of customers.

Newly elected Aam Aadmi government acted imprudently by not giving permission for running foreign retail business in New Delhi. For this decision employment will not increase, customer cannot protect their interests, even there will be uncertainty in opening the international market ‘chain’ policy. Including these, the world wills receive wrong messages.

The decision is taken as the time when many companies were planning to invest in retail business by placing Britain’s Tesco, the multi-brand agency in India for the economic revival in the world. Many economists are thinking that it is a red signal for this country’s economy, and human struggle will weaken against the inflation for this red signal. Continue reading