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India takes up colors of Holi



A minimum of 11 teens drowned throughout Holi revelry in Nizamabad district and also at Kukatpally area in Hyderabad on Wednesday, police stated. Several 15 boys visited the village tank to bath after Holi festivities in Basant Cheruvu (village tank) in Sirikonda village of Nizamabad district late this mid-day, then seven of these started drowning, a senior officer at Armoor told PTI.

People accepted one another wanting ‘Happy Holi’ as unseen hands squirted all of them with a properly-timed coloured water spray. Water-filled balloons were lobbed from roofs and balconies as cries of ‘Holi hai’ reverberated the roads.

However, tragedy struck when six teens drowned in Andhra’s Nizamabad district and also at Kukatpally section of Hyderabad once they visited bath after Holi festivities. Continue reading