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The teasers in the running bus of Rotate are in the court

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of two sisters beating a group of young teasers in the running bus of India’s Haryana state rocked the country; those two sisters said that they took this final step because they left no option without this. And they said will not respond if anyone try to compromise the matter through Village Panchayat.

Haryana police have already arrested those teasers and sent them to court on Monday, and it is said in the military source that they will not get a chance to enter the military.

Video of beating with a belt

It is the scene of a transport bus of Haryana. Two girls are beating a group of teasers with their belt of trouser whose name were Puja and Arti. Continue reading

Two girls beat a teaser in the running Bus

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of the fight between two girls and a boy in a running bus in Haryana state of India was fished out in the news media and social networks.

Those two girls are sisters; they complained the boy assaulted them physically. He beat them when they protest that.

It is seen in the video taken by a passenger of the bus on his mobile phone that the fight is running between those two girls and a boy. One sister took off her trouser belt hit the boy with that. Continue reading