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India’s hopes fail, Delhi gangrape survivor dies in Singapore

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Mount Elizabeth Hospital

The 23-year-old girl, who set up a brave fight for existence after she was gang-raped and extremely attacked inside a Delhi bus on December 16 which had produced a countrywide outrage, died on ‘life was imple’ inside a hospital here.

The lady, who had been accepted towards the well-known multi-organ transplant facility Mount Elizabeth Hospital here on Thursday morning within a very critical condition, breathed her last at 4:45 am (2:15 am India time). She was earlier treated in the Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

A CT scan which was carried out after Nirbhaya arrived at Singapore demonstrated that bloodstream loss to her brain triggered throughout the 3-minute period when doctors at Safdarjung hospital in Delhi had unsuccessful to locate a pulse or bloodstream pressure, brought towards the brain edema – a harmful condition in which the brain’s water content increases, leading to pressure to increase within the skull. Continue reading