Terrorist Network at West Bengal in 2005: Wikileaks



The news revealed of the terrorist network in India’s state West Bengal with the explosion at Burdwan although this news knew Administration and Indian Intelligence before nine years.

This news said Officially of USA at Washington in two cables of 2005 leaked on Wikileaks. The terrorists of Bangladesh build their offices and making their networks in some license less Madrasas, it is known from these two cables.

US officials made their report after talking with West Bengal administration, Intelligence head and respectable people of the Muslim community, they said in the report that terrorists of Jamayete Mujahedin Bangladesh and other groups making their network in this state crossing the border. These two cables refer that ISI of Pakistan is supporting all these things.

On that Cable sent to Washington on 4th August, 2005 was made after a conversation with Prasad Ranjan Roy Home Secretary of West Bengal of that time. On that report it is said that many unlicensed madrasas have built in the border area, there Bangladeshi terrorist and extremists are taking shelter and spreading their thoughts through the Muslims. That time Left Front was in the power of the state.

We asked CPIM central committee member Mohammad Salim that, you all know that the terrorist are spreading network, why any action hadn’t taken?

Mohammad Salim answered t, “It was just leaked in Wikileaks in 2005, but we are saying it since 2001. The terrorist is spreading some religious fundamentalism from some madrasas both sides in Bangladesh and India’s border areas. And to protect this we ran many political campaigns, and our administration was also very alert.”

Incidentally, in a cable sent to Washington it was claimed that Left Front is giving place for the infiltrators from Bangladesh in West Bengal to increase their vote bank. This complains now also against the Trinomul Congress.

US officers made another cable after talking with the intelligence chief of west Bengal Dilip Mitra, retired several officers of India’s foreign spy agency including Bivutivushon Nandi. In this second cable sent on 16th December 2005, they have expressed concern about the entrance from Bangladesh and the terrorist network.

They knew these topics for nine years, why it need a bomb blast like Burdhwan to come in front, isn’t it a failure of intelligence?

Former Central Intelligence officer Gadadhar Chatterjee said, “We had some report like these murderous I the border area and they are spreading their thoughts. But then these terrorists used West Bengal as their way. But the network that came in front after the blast in Burdhwan is different. They are running their terrorist activities by living here. But still so many people came from outside, made explosives – police and intelligence didn’t come to know anything – it’s really a failure. There must be some lacking of surveillance.”

It has been written citing the officers of West Bengal that for some dishonest BSF guards’ terrorists are coming to India easily.

We asked former DIG of BSF that isn’t BSF responsible for the illegal entrance of terrorists in India? He said, “This border has so many gaps and loop, the travelling from these are running for a long period. But if it is possible to know that which terrorist came from when and from which region, then the duty officers and guards should be punished. There’s no compromise with the security of the country.”