Trinomul and CPM are active to prevent the emergence of BJP in West Bengal

BJP in West Bengal

BJP in West Bengal

CPM is also thought to prevent the opulence of BJP in West Bengal with Trinomul as well. Religious polarization seems the first time in this state. The leaders already started their activities to take the power of the assembly in the election of 2016.

Since the BJP came to power in the center with vast majority Hinduism politicians has begun to emerge in this state. In the last election, BJP got two seats from 42 seats. Their votes increased 11 percent now.

Recently in the by-election of the national assembly in south Bashir Hat and Kolkata Chourungi BJP won a seat. Elsewhere, BJP internally has become very strong.

CPM is now searching the way to defend BJP for their existence. Trinomul is trying to resist BJP to secure their territory. CPM now wants to work with their opposite party Trinomul Congress to fight against the saffron Shibir.

However, there was disagreement about this in parties. But CPM leaders of North Bengal Jibesh Sarkar, Shamik Lahiri of South Bengal, Maninanda Gop of Rarbanga to Moinul Hasan of South Bengal or ‘SITU’ leader Shyamol Chatterjee and leaders like Manab Mukhopaddhay of Kolkata now wants to work with Congress to protest BJP. While some leaders of these parties think that Congress is most corrupted and soft communal party. So binding with Congress is like committing suicide.

Trinomul Congress has already started campaigning against BJP. Chief Minister Momota Banerjee has alleged that BJP is trying to make riot in the state.

It has been clear that ‘Penetration’ is going to become a big issue in the upcoming assembly election. On Wednesday the chief of World Hindu Parishad Togaria said, ‘at this moment there are three crore Bangladeshi infiltrators in the country. Bangladeshis are coming illegally through West Bengal and Assam. For them, three crore people of our country are unemployed.’

Chief Minister Momota Bannerje said, ‘I love Bangladesh. Refugees came from Bangladesh are the citizens of this country.’

Before the Lok Sabha election Narendra Modi said those refugees as infiltrators and said, if they come to power they will send the infiltrators back.

In this Momota replied, ‘Isn’t there any discipline in the county! Who is he to divide the refugees?’

In fact like this, the saffron shibir trying to rise somehow, on the other hand, Trinomul and CPM trying to resist them separately.