Two girls beat a teaser in the running Bus

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of the fight between two girls and a boy in a running bus in Haryana state of India was fished out in the news media and social networks.

Those two girls are sisters; they complained the boy assaulted them physically. He beat them when they protest that.

It is seen in the video taken by a passenger of the bus on his mobile phone that the fight is running between those two girls and a boy. One sister took off her trouser belt hit the boy with that.

Two sisters are being praised in the social networks of the internet for their courage.

There is also criticism in those social media why the other passengers of the bus were sitting during the fighting.

Sexual Assault is a major social problem in India. Much news of sexual assault on the road, even running buses or train is being heard there.

A couple of years ago a young girl was raped on a running bus in Delhi, and she died after that, that incident fished out throughout India.