West Bengal politics is turning to communal

West Bengal Politics

West Bengal Politics

One man is killed, and another seriously injured during the political class on the last Sunday in Birbhum district of West Bengal of India. Political clash is also running in the patio area of the same district for a few days between BJP and Governmental party Trinomul Congress this kind of violence is happening in several places in the state.

The violence is increasing in the country after the after the Loksabha Election and almost all parties admits that the character of this force is quite different. West Bengal saw extreme political violence before the Bidhan Sabha election of 2011; it seems that the film has returned after three years.

However, in most places the clash is not between Trinomul and CPM, recently trinomul’s clash is against BJP. They are trying to increase their power after the great success in the Lok Sabha Elections. Only BJP MLA of this state who won in the sub election Shomik Bhattacharya said, “Though CPM is not visible in the state anymore, so crowds of people are now joining in BJP and they are supporting BJP as an emerging power.”

He claimed; CPM may be the opposition party of the state in the papers. But BJP is discussed from lane to highway, tea stalls to campus everywhere, and they are mainly the opposition party in the state. Trinomul MP Suvendu Adhikari agrees that people are joining BJP. And according to him they are going from CPM and for them political violence has revived in several places of the state.

He said, “Once who used to do politics of possession of the territory with weapons for CPM they are now riding under the flag of BJP, It means they are not BJP, old CPM.” CPM was in the power of the state is over three and a half decade but in recent elections they are now in 3 or 4th position, their leaders also agree that they lost the public support. But one of the only two MP from the state Mohammad Selim said the clashes are happening between the trinomial and newly BJP supporters. They are the offended part of Trinomul.

Mr. Selim said to the BBC that, “Trinomul thought the problem will be solved if they omit CPM from West Bengal. But now there are internal clashes in trinomul starting from Birbhum and everywhere about the state; the group done movement taking poster of Mamata Banerjee, one group of them now thinks that they will get more power if they fight with the poster if Narendra Modi after the BJP came to the power of the center.

He also fears that, the conflict doesn’t stop between Trinomul-BJP gradually it will turn into the Hindu-Muslim conflict. Because, “a new politics has created here, omitting confessing parties by using religion randomly. And it’s in RSS politics and also in the DNA of Mamata Banerjee.” Saying Mr. Selim

Trinomul accused that some are trying to give a communal color to the political violence. But Shuvendu Adikari thinks that it couldn’t succeed, because “the history of the state tells that Hindu Congress or Muslim League had no influence in this state. Now the BJP or Muslim Organizations of Siddikullah Chowdhury can’t be able to do anything here.”

BJP said; Muslims are also supporting them; especially the works of BJP injured in Birbhum most of them are Muslim. But regarding all things violence has settled in the new face of the political landscape of West Bengal, and no party denies it.