“Aam Aadmi Government” has been Passerby Trust votes in New Delhi

Aam Aadmi Government

Aam Aadmi Government

With the support of the Delhi Congress Party; Arvind Kejriwala’s ‘Aam Aadmi Party’ has won by a trust vote in the Delhi Assembly. Now the real challenge for Kejriwala is to fulfill the commitment. From the very first day, BJP has started to play evil.

In political terminology, there is a saying ” Enemy’s enemy is a friend ”. To prevent BJP, Congress is playing the same role. It was very confirmed for Kejriwala’s “Aam Aadmi Party” to win in a trust vote with Congressional support in Delhi Assembly. 38 votes were in favor, and 3 were in against it. From 70 seats in the Assembly, Aam Aadmi Party won by 38 votes with its own 28 votes, Congress’ eight votes, JD-U’s one vote and non-party’s one vote. On the other hand, BJP’s own 31 and Shiromoni Akali Party’s 1, a total of 32 votes went against of it.

Though Kejriwala knew that if Congress held back, the government would apart, he was confident about the trust votes. According to the analyst, Kejriwala also knew that the public would not spare the Congress if that happened. In that case, Kejriwala could blame the Congress for not letting the people meet their opportunity. It is the politician’s view that in next parliamentary election, this will affect otherwise Kejriwala will have to fulfill his election promises made to voters, and it would be his real challenge.

Chief Minister Kejriwala put his 17 point program in front of the last session of controversy. Anti-corruption was at the top of it. Making the Lokayukta as per as Lokpal model for Delhi, standardization of slum people, acquiring the appropriate compensation for agricultural land, not taking unwilling peasants lands from the farmers, arranging special forces for female security, giving strict punishment while assaulted women, building public hospitals and improving the education system were in the list of commitment. During his six days ruling period, he made two difficult commitments. They were- supplying a set amount of drinking water with free of charge for lower public and a half rated electricity.

Before the election, the proposal was under debate. BJP started to play evil from the very early days. By declaring the government as dangerous against the country opposition leader Harshavardhana said that, before the election, the Chief Minister announced the Congress as the most corrupt government in their 15 years ruling period and vowed that if he came to power, he would send every single corrupt Congress leader to jail, but now Kejriwala will run his government with this Congress. What can be the most two-sided role as a person than this?

To spoil the image of ‘Aam Aadmi Party’, BJP leader Harshavardhana demanded to clear the issue of fund raising from Ford Foundation. In fact, he also talked about a sensitive issue regarding Kashmir. He complained against Aam Aadmi Party’s most prominent leader Kejriwala for his publicly saying that, Kashmir should not be part of India. Not only, that, Harshavardhana also squinted against the government’s cheap popularity gain i.e.; going to vow to take ceremony in Metro Rail. Many leaders have attended the ceremony by clothing themselves simply like general people, but the government’s policy is to exclude the VIP culture.