Charges against Minister Babul Supriyo of entering into a school breaking the rule

Minister Babul Supriyo

Minister Babul Supriyo

The authority of a school of West Bengal complained to police against Minister of India’s central government Babul Shupriyo. The allegation against him is entering into a school without any permission by breaking the rule.

A secretary Management Committee of Raniganj JK Nagar High School of West Bengal Abhay Upadhyay said, ‘minister broke the rule by entering forcefully in the school without any permission. Some BJP workers created the mess in the school entering with the minister. For this teaching and the admission process got disrupted. The school was given a holiday.’

Urban Development minister Babul Shupriyo said, ‘I have been stopped entering the school. There was no problem for my entrance. Some Trinamool workers led by Jitendra Tiwari tried to attack me on my way out of the school. I have been assaulted.’ For this incident, BJP President of Asansol complained against Jitendar Tiwari in the police station.

On the other hand, Jitendra Tiwari refused the complaint against him and said, ‘Minister broke the rule. For this school authority complained against him.’

Former Municipal Corporation chairman of Asansol Jitendra Tiwari said to the Minister that, ‘don’t show bravery by entering the school forcefully show your heroism in the Kashmir border.’

President of Management Committee of the school Avay Upaddhay complained in the Raniganj police station against the minister for entering the school forcefully.

On last Wednesday, the school management committee has been informed by letter that, Minister Babul Shupriyo will go to the school on Friday to run the Clean India campaign.

But President of school Management Committee Avay Upaddhay refused that after receiving the letter. He sent a fax on Thursday to the BJP district office and informed that the admission procedure of the school will run till 19th January. It may be disrupted if minister comes, so he was requested not to come.

However, Babul Shupriyo didn’t give much importance to the message and went to the school on Friday and those incidents happened, and for these matters like an accusation and counter, accusation happened. Police are investigating the allegations of both.