Decision of Withdrawal of a Diplomat of United States from Delhi

Debjani Khobragade

Debjani Khobragade

India that called for the withdrawal of a U.S. diplomat in Delhi the United States agrees. As a result of this decision, a new dimension has been added on the diplomatic tension between the two countries.

India-U.S. diplomatic tension has been increased after the arrest of Indian diplomat Debjani Khobragade on charge of visa fraud and misleading information.

After the formation, of a formal complaint against Debjani Khobragade, she returned to India on Friday night for the facility of diplomatic immunities.

She was charged on Thursday. However, the U.S. State Department approved her new recruitment to the UN on that same day. So she received more benefits than being a counselor.

After the framing of charges, the United States requested India to shorten her immunity but India negated the proposal.

Shortly after, the United States requested Miss Khobragadeto goes back to India.

Over this incident, India ordered a U.S. diplomat of the same rank of Miss Debjani to withdraw from the embassy.

However, the diplomat did not reveal his name being withdrawn from Delhi. But it is heard that the diplomat was involved in the case of Miss Debjani. But it is not confirmed yet.

U.S. State Department spokesman Jane Saki said that it was a tragic event to take away the U.S. ambassador from India.

He said, “At the request of the Government of India, U.S. State Department has agreed to move a diplomat from there. It is a very sad decision of India to move a diplomat of U.S. In fact; India-United States relations are undergoing a very critical time.”

He also said that the United States hoped that the situation will change as a result of this decision and diplomatic relation between the two countries will improve.

For the charge of fraud information regarding visa application of her maid and less payment than the wage determined, 39 years-old Miss Khobragade was arrested in the last month in New York.

But Miss Khobragade has denied the charges against her and claimed herself innocent.