Guy held for voicing issues against Mamata

Guy held for voicing issues against Mamata

Guy held for voicing issues against Mamata

Setting another illustration of intolerance, the Mamata Banerjee administration arrested Shiladitya Choudhury, a guy in the forties who yelled towards the chief minister throughout her public rally on August 8 that her bulletins in Jangalmahal were turning to be false.

“Shiladitya has been arrested on charges of creating obstacles to government work and threatening government officials. He also violated the security zone,” stated Bharati Ghosh, the superintendent of police of Jhargarm police district stated.

Based on police and court sources 332, 333, 353, 447 and 506 IPC was handed against Shiladitya.

On Wednesday, throughout a public rally in Belpahari Chowdhury was around the border from the ‘security zone’ and yelled towards the chief minister who had been addressing everyone else, “You are giving false promises and the promises would not be fulfilled.”

Mamata Banerjee immediately marked him like a Maoist and purchased law enforcement authorities to arrest him. Law enforcement detained him but launched Choudhury once they discovered the guy wanted to voice his problems towards the chief minister.

Siladitya, a parent of two children, earlier labored as conductor of the bus that they threw in the towel because of illness. Using the earnings from the land around one bigha, lucrative in some way runs his group of five.

The incident extends a listing that’s broadly held like a mark of intolerance from the chief minister herself. On 12 Ambikesh Mahapatra, chemistry professor of Jadavpur College was arrested by officials of East Jadavpore police station for circulating a spoof of Mamata Banerjee and her close confidante railway minister Mukul Roy.

The main minister later supported law enforcement and alleged the spoof was really an instigation to kill her and Roy. In the recording of the TV chat display on May 20, faced with a student of Jadavpur College in her own late teens, Mamata clicked back in an uncomfortable question and immediately labeled her like a Maoist before walking from the show.

On April 4, Kolkata Police moved joint commissioner Damayanti Sen allegedly on her stand it the infamous Park Street rape situation in which a 37-years old Anglo-Indian mother of two was raped inside a moving vehicle on Feb 5. As the chief minister stated the incident would be a concoction to malign her government, Sen declined to purchase that version, went after the situation and established gang rape within the chargesheet.

“My son is not a Maoist. He only wanted to air his grievance. We do not know why police arrested him. If he has done something wrong, I would request the chief minister to forgive him,” stated Sandhya Choudhury, his mother.

Local people were also surprised once they found know of the arrest.

“Whenever she does not like any comment, she brands the man as a Maoist. This is autocracy,” remarked Arun Das, an individual right activist in West Midnapore.

“It is another example of intolerance of the chief minister. The government is just not ready to tolerate any word that is against them,” stated CPI (M) central committee member Mohammad Selim in a rally within the district on Saturday.