I’m Absolutely Sure the Congress Will Return to Power: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Congress co-president Rahul Gandhi has claimed that India’s ruling party Congress will come to power again.

On the occasion of the manifesto proclamation at a press conference on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi claimed it. He said, “BJP can campaign in a better way. In 2004, they carried out ‘India Shining’ campaign. India was much progressed. Several studies claimed that the BJP was returning in power. Everyone knows what the result was. In 2009, the same thing happened. Again, it is being said, BJP will come to power. However, I say, Congress will return to power. It is 100 percent guaranteed.”

To attract the new voters, it is said in the manifesto that around 60 million new jobs will be created in the healthcare sector by 2020. In all, the creation of 10 million new jobs has been targeted in the manifesto.

Health insurance and pensions for millions of workers in unorganized sectors have been promised in the manifesto.

Congress has tried to pull countless men living below the poverty line on their side. In a manifesto, it is said that the financial protection to low-income families will be ensured.

At a press conference, Sonia Gandhi referred the Congress election manifesto as ‘Holy Book’. She said, “It is not something for publish normally like the other teams. Rather than party programs, it is a holy book to us. We are fighting for that India, which is down to all. In this election, the Congress is fighting in favor of secular India. This election is the election for integrating India. This election is for upholding the honor of the constitution of India.”

Rahul Gandhi said, “In this election manifesto, people have been highlighted. We did not make a manifesto by sitting back of the closed door. We have taken people’s opinion. We seek feedback from businesswoman, female and young people.”

By supporting him, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “We brought up the 14 million people above the poverty line. Congress always thinks about poor people.”

Manmohan Singh claims that Congress will return to power again. The third UPA government will be formed at the center.