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Kannada News: Kannada or Canarese, is really a language spoken in India mainly within the condition of Karnataka. Kannada, whose native loudspeakers are known as Kannadigas and number roughly 50 million, is among the 30 most spoken languages on the planet. It is among the scheduled languages of India and also the official and administrative language from the condition of Karnataka. The Kannada language is written while using Kannada script that is developed in the Kadamba script. Kannada is attested epigraphically in the first millennium AD, and literary Old Kannada prospered within the sixth century Ganga Empire and throughout ninth century Rashtrakuta Empire. By having an unbroken literary good reputation for on the 1000 years, the excellence of Kannada literature continues into present. Works of Kannada literature have obtained eight Jnanpith honours and fifty-one Sahitya Akademi honours.

In line with the recommendations from the Committee of Linguistic Experts, hired through the Secretary of state for Culture, the federal government of India formally recognised Kannada like a classical language. In This summer 2011, it setup a Center for study of Kannada like a classical language at Mysore to facilitate research along with other activities associated with Kannada, that will function underneath the aegis of Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL).