Maoist and Gokhra terrorists are increasing their power



Police and Intelligence’s are anxious about the statement of the Maoist group of Burdwan in West Bengal. In the declaration Maoists called for a new movement to commemorate the revolution of November. It has been also called as a military group. It means they will train the ordinary people and will give weapons in their hands.

They are taking Sidho- Kanhu public militia during the Lalgar movement as their Model in the country. After the statements of Maoists intelligence are suspecting that, haven’t they started to form an army?

In that declaration, they said to do this movement for the development of agriculture to the ordinary people. They demanded to seize the lands from the landlords and leaders and allot those to the shelter-less people.

They said to stop giving Tax-Cess-Levy to the government. But among them intelligences are giving importance, particularly to the call for forming a public militia.

The tension of intelligences has increased after recovering a car from Chirangwye of Assam containing several latest and powerful weapons and a vast amount of cartridge.

Assam police claimed that, these arms and cartridge were brought to a terrorist organization called the United Gorkha Organization. The car was coming to Darjiling from Nagaland via Assam.

There are 2 Bereta Pistol, 1 TM 16 Rifle, 3 Point 32 Pistol, 300 round cartridges of 9MM Pistol, 198 rounds of AK rifle cartridge found in the recovered car.

Assam Police, CRPF, and SSB detain the car from the Champapuri area under the Dhaligaon police station of Assam. The car was registered from Darjiling.

Resident of Darjiling Umesh Kami and Baksha resident Ganesh Chetri were arrested there. They said to police that, they were smuggling the weapons from Naga land to the trained terrorists of United Gorkha people’s Organization. It has been known that for these police and intelligences are anxious about that.