Nawaz Sharif sent Sari for Narendra Modi’s Shawl

Mariam Nawaz

Mariam Nawaz

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawas Sahrif has given a Sari for India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother. Modi confirmed it in his twitter message.

Recently Modi gifted a Shawl for Nawas Sharif’s mother while he went to New Delhi tour to attend Narendra Modi’s oath taking ceremony. As the rendition Nawaz sent the Sari for Modi’s mother.

Modi said on Twitter; Nawaz Sharif has given a nice white sari for my mother. So I am grateful to him and quickly give the sari to my mother.

When Nawas returned to Islamabad with the Shawl, his daughter Mariam Nawaz expressed gratitude in the twitter message. In the message Moriom said, ‘I express my gratitude to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for giving an excellent Shawl for my grandmother. Father reached the Shawl to grandmother by himself.’