Operation of Iraqi Forces-Large Part of Ramadi Is Al-Qaeda Free

Iraqi Al-Qaeda

Iraqi Al-Qaeda

Iraqi security force’s raid in Ramadi and displaced the extremist Al-Qaeda from the city. The expedition was supported by the community greatly. United Nations Security Council has also supported the Iraqi security forces for this operation.

Iran’s English language news channel Press TV reported that yesterday (Friday), the local police and the general public launched a campaign together against the guerrillas of Al Qaeda backed Islamic State of Iraq Ant Levant or ISIL. Malab and Phursan area was free from the guerrillas.

Tribal commander Muhammad Abu Khamish Risha said, “Coincided with the local police, we have fought against the terrorists and gave back Malab and Phursanto them.” He said that 10 percent area of Ramadi is still in control of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, the political dialogue is at the standoff for a peaceful solution of Phaluja’s deadlock condition. Local influential religious leader, Sheikh Abdul Hamid Jaduya has invited the provincial ‘Shekh’ to intervene in the crisis and solve this. On Friday, sermon, he said that there should be no violence and bloodshed in Phaluja.