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Punjabi News: Punjabi is definitely an Indo-Aryan language spoken by occupants from the historic Punjab region (north western India as well as in north eastern Pakistan). For Sikhs, the Punjabi language stands because the official language by which all events occur. In Pakistan, Punjabi is easily the most spoken language. Punjabi could be subdivided into two types, referred to as Eastern Punjabi and Western Punjabi.

Based on the Ethnologue 2005 estimate, you will find 88 million native loudspeakers from the Punjabi language, which causes it to be roughly the tenth most broadly spoken language on the planet. Based on the 2008 Census of Pakistan, you will find 76,335,300 native Punjabi loudspeakers in Pakistan and based on the 2001 Census of India, you will find 29,102,477 Punjabi loudspeakers in India.

Punjabi language has numerous different dialects, spoken within the different sub-parts of greater Punjab. Because the Partition of Punjab in 1947, Punjabi spoken within the two nations has deviated from one another, with Indians depending more heavily on Sanskrit vocabulary through Hindi.[citation needed] The Majhi dialect is Punjabi’s prestige dialect. This dialect is recognized as textbook Punjabi and it is spoken within the historic region of Majha, centralizing in Lahore and Amritsar.

Together with Lahnda and Western Pahari languages, Punjabi is unusual among modern Indo-European languages since it is a tonal language.