The teasers in the running bus of Rotate are in the court

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of two sisters beating a group of young teasers in the running bus of India’s Haryana state rocked the country; those two sisters said that they took this final step because they left no option without this. And they said will not respond if anyone try to compromise the matter through Village Panchayat.

Haryana police have already arrested those teasers and sent them to court on Monday, and it is said in the military source that they will not get a chance to enter the military.

Video of beating with a belt

It is the scene of a transport bus of Haryana. Two girls are beating a group of teasers with their belt of trouser whose name were Puja and Arti.

In relation they are sisters, they protested that after being teased from those teasers for a long time. A passenger of the bus recorded the video on his/her mobile phone, but no one came forward on the side of those two girls and sat as a silent spectator.

The protest of those two girls didn’t stay for a long time. Those boys countered those and threaded them and left them from the bus after a short time however that video was not found.
After that, those two sisters filed a complaint in the police station, and they said to the Media why they were filed complaints and protested despite they have a fear of counter acid attack.

The daily assault of girls

Younger of those two sisters Puja said, “It’s a daily problem. A girl is being assaulted at least ten to twelve times daily, and it’s not that a same boy does that every time each time the teasers are changed. In fact, it is considered very shame full for a boy who does not have a girlfriend or he doesn’t teen girls.”

Since those teasers got on the bus in Rohtak, they gave many indicative speeches and sexual assaulting indication towards those two sisters. When they protested, those teasers hold the hand of one sister and neck of another, after that those two sisters started beating putting off their belts.

The video spread of the internet on yesterday and Police arrested, accused Kuldip and the other two boys on Sunday night.

Compromise trying of Panchayat?

But before that it has been tried to compromise that thing through Panchayat, informed Puja by herself, she said, “Next day of the incident members of Panchayat of Ashan village came to my father. They said to compromise with them; they will punish those teasers through Panchayat.”

“They are the only son of their families; if you do not withdraw the charges, their lives will be wasted. They gave us lots of pressure to change the statement. They are so worried because the lives of those teasers will be wasted, but these boys make our lives hell daily is it fair?”

Police super of Rohtak district Shashank Anand said to the BBC that, strict case accuses those teasers, and any attempt of compromising the matter outside of court will not be tolerated.
He informed those teasers are charged under 354 sections of woman’s assault charges in the Rohtak police station. And it will not be tolerated of trying of any compromising by the family pressure, if any; the police officer has seen doing this kind of activities will be taking action immediately.

‘NO’ of Army

It has been known that those teasers are going to give a test to join the Army on the bus, though a spokesman for the military informed that if anyone charged against assault then his application will be disqualified.

The Haryana government declared 31000 rupees reward each for those two sisters for their bravery, and Puja and Arti are praised throughout the social media to tea stalls.