Uttarakhand Governor Indictments at Supreme Courte against the Modi Government

Modi Government

Modi Government

Governor of Uttarakhand of India Aziz Qureshi refused to step down from his post. As well, he filed in Supreme Court challenging the decision of BJP led Modi’s government. On Thursday, Supreme Court gave notice to centre in accordance with the application. They were asked to answer the notice within next six weeks.

Aziz Qureshi says in his petition that, it is illegal to pressurise to resign someone who is sitting in a constitutional post. He said it is shameful for the post call for the resignation of the central home secretary.

Highlighting the 156 (1) article of constitution Aziz Qureshi said, it depends on the president who will be the government. He remains in his post by keeping the faith of the president. Only president can tell him for resignation.

However, Supreme Court said that several times that, governor was not an employee of central government. After BJP led, NDA government came in the power they were giving pressure for the resignation to several states’ governors who are appointed during the UPA government. For this central home secretary, he called several governors.

Governor of Uttar’s hand didn’t take the matter normally. He dragged the matter to Supreme Courte and challenged the decision of government. Before that after Modi’s government came in the power Goa, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Chatthisgar state’s governors have resigned. However, Mizoram governor was removed from his post.