Charges against Minister Babul Supriyo of entering into a school breaking the rule

Minister Babul Supriyo

Minister Babul Supriyo

The authority of a school of West Bengal complained to police against Minister of India’s central government Babul Shupriyo. The allegation against him is entering into a school without any permission by breaking the rule.

A secretary Management Committee of Raniganj JK Nagar High School of West Bengal Abhay Upadhyay said, ‘minister broke the rule by entering forcefully in the school without any permission. Some BJP workers created the mess in the school entering with the minister. For this teaching and the admission process got disrupted. The school was given a holiday.’

Urban Development minister Babul Shupriyo said, ‘I have been stopped entering the school. There was no problem for my entrance. Some Trinamool workers led by Jitendra Tiwari tried to attack me on my way out of the school. I have been assaulted.’ For this incident, BJP President of Asansol complained against Jitendar Tiwari in the police station. Continue reading

Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj demanded to declare ‘Gita’ as their national book



Foreign Minister of India Sushma Swaraj urged to declare ‘Gita’ as India’s national book. Sushma Swaraj said this in a ceremony of celebrating the 5151 year anniversary of Vagbat Gita. Leader of World Hindu Council Ashok Senegal also demanded to make Gita as their national book.

Sushma said; he didn’t come here as a Minister, he just came in the ceremony as a follower of Gita.

Sushma also added that, practically Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared Gita as the national book when he gifted this to the US president Barak Obama during the US visit. Continue reading

30 years of Bhopal Gas disaster

Bhopal Gas disaster

Bhopal Gas disaster

Thousands of people injured when toxic gas came out from the Factory Union Carbide India Limited on 2nd to 3rd December 1984 at Bhopal city of Madhay Pradesh a state of India; it was the world’s largest industrial disaster.

It was a branch of the US Union Carbide Corporation, and it was regulated by USIL. A pesticide named Sevin was made there and in the middle of the manufacturing process a toxic gas Methyl Ico-Sayanate or MIC gas generated there. Continue reading

Maoist and Gokhra terrorists are increasing their power



Police and Intelligence’s are anxious about the statement of the Maoist group of Burdwan in West Bengal. In the declaration Maoists called for a new movement to commemorate the revolution of November. It has been also called as a military group. It means they will train the ordinary people and will give weapons in their hands.

They are taking Sidho- Kanhu public militia during the Lalgar movement as their Model in the country. After the statements of Maoists intelligence are suspecting that, haven’t they started to form an army?

In that declaration, they said to do this movement for the development of agriculture to the ordinary people. They demanded to seize the lands from the landlords and leaders and allot those to the shelter-less people. Continue reading

The teasers in the running bus of Rotate are in the court

Two girls beat a Teaser

Two girls beat a Teaser

The video footage of two sisters beating a group of young teasers in the running bus of India’s Haryana state rocked the country; those two sisters said that they took this final step because they left no option without this. And they said will not respond if anyone try to compromise the matter through Village Panchayat.

Haryana police have already arrested those teasers and sent them to court on Monday, and it is said in the military source that they will not get a chance to enter the military.

Video of beating with a belt

It is the scene of a transport bus of Haryana. Two girls are beating a group of teasers with their belt of trouser whose name were Puja and Arti. Continue reading